Results of Clinical Trials

Healthy skin is largely a reflection of good general health. There has been an increase in focus on the improved appearance of the skin through the consumption of dietary supplements (including vitamins and antioxidants) and the positive effects of nutrition.  A number of clinical studies have shown that dietary supplementation can improve skin condition, and have a big impact on reversing or slowing down the signs of aging.  This is because the body absorbs liquid collagen within thirty (30) minutes and stimulates natural collagen production.  It also has shown to improve the overall quality and condition of hair and nails and reduced cellulite.

Collagen Lift Paris ™ has undergone numerous clinical trials all over the world.  The trials are eight weeks in length and measure eye wrinkle volume, skin elasticity, the collagen content of the skin as well as the health of nails and cellulite condition.  The tables below are a summary of the clinicals trials that have been conducted by Collagen Lift Paris ™.



Eye Wrinkle Volume

After 8 weeks the Verisol® group showed an average decrease in wrinkle volume of 20% and a maximum reduction of 50%! 4 weeks after the final intake, the Verisol® group still showed a decrease in eye wrinkle volume showing the lasting effect of the product.


After 8 weeks the Verisol® group showed an average 7% increase in skin elasticity. In some subjects the increase in elasticity measured up to 30%.  The Bioactive Collagen Peptide® group showed a 98% improvement in elasticity 4 weeks after intake – suggesting a long-lasting effect.

Collagen Content:  

After 8 weeks of treatment the Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides® group showed an increased collagen content of 65%, with elastin content having increased by 18% when compared with the control group. 




A daily dosage of 2.5g VERISOL® for 6 months promoted an increase of up to 15% in nail growth and a decrease of frequency of cracked nails.  At the end of the study, 80% of participants agreed that the use of collagen had improved their nails’ appearance and 75% perceived their nails to be stronger.

 A daily dosage of 2.5g VERISOL® for 6 months had a positive impact on women affected by moderate cellulite.  Significant improvement in the cellulite score , about 9% reduction for women with BMI < 25 (normal weight).  Significant decrease in the waviness: -11% for women with BMI < 25 and -8% for women with BMI > 25.