Scientific Studies


A recent 8-week study was conducted in Singapore from February to April 2018 to evaluate the efficacy of Collagen Lift™ Paris on wrinkles, hydration and elasticity of the skin.  Twenty four Chinese females aged between 35 to 59 years old were recruited into the study to receive a daily oral dose of 10ml of Collagen Lift™ Paris for 56 days.

Exclusion criteria included: Pregnant or lactating women, subjects that has been using topical or systemic antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDs etc. medications; skin care supplements for the past 4 weeks. Subjects allergic to iodine, participants in other clinical study, as well as subjects who are taking collagen drink or have been taking collagen drinks in the past 3 months.

Results: Based on clinical grading, significant improvements were observed from DO to D56 as follows:

  • Significant decrease in crow’s feet wrinkles by 53%, - cheek folds wrinkles deceased by 34% - under eye wrinkles decreased by 29% - Primos measurements showed skin roughness reduced by 19.4%
  • From the subjective questionnaire, 87% of participants are satisfied with Collagen Lift™ on their wrinkles at 8 weeks.
  • At week 8, 48% of participants saw improvements in their cellulite.
  • At the end of week 4, 83% of participants agreed that the use of Collagen Lift™ had improved their skin appearance and they saw smoother firmer and more radiant skin.
  • 57% participants also saw improvements in their hair and nails at week four.
Conclusions: Based on clinical grading, measurement data from the Primos device and subjective questionnaire, the results of the study have shown clearly that a daily oral dose of Collagen Lift™ is effective in reducing wrinkles, improves skin, nails, hair and cellulite. Overall, results can be seen as fast as four weeks and over a longer period, oral intake of Collagen Lift™ will provide a positive impact on the skin health.


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