The 4 Surprising Things That Cause Wrinkles

October 20, 2020

The 4 Surprising Things That Cause Wrinkles

Most of us know all the traditional advice when it comes to preventing the signs of aging: wear sunscreen, eat well, hydrate.

We diligently apply eye creams, toners, and serums to keep wrinkles at bay. We make sure to wash our faces before bed. And we sigh in resignation when we see the fine lines creeping in around our eyes anyway, despite our best efforts.

As it turns out, there are a few surprising things that may be aging your skin without you even realizing.

Removing your eye makeup

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. It is prone to damage from aggressive rubbing and swiping – like when you are trying to remove that stubborn water-proof mascara.

To help prevent that thin skin from wrinkling, apply an emulsifier like Vaseline to your eyes and let it sit for about five minutes to melt the makeup. Then wipe gently with a soft cotton ball.

Fluorescent lighting

Not only is fluorescent lighting terrible for photos, it isn’t great for your skin either. High exposure to this kind of lighting (say, 40 hours a week over the course of your career!) results in quite a bit of UV radiation – the same stuff that causes sun damage and photo-aging!

Always wear SPF, even if you will be staying indoors all day.

Drinking from straws

Drinking from a straw requires you to purse your lips. The tighter and harder you purse your lips to contract the muscles, the deeper the lines that appear around your mouth. The more often these muscles are contracted, the more ingrained those lines will become – like repeatedly folding a piece of paper: eventually, those fold lines won’t disappear.

Whenever possible, drink directly from the glass instead!

Slowing collagen production

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It helps renew and repair skin cells and improve the skin’s moisture barrier. But our bodies naturally slow down collagen production as early as age 30. The only way to get more valuable collagen is to replenish it externally.

Some creams and serums contain collagen, but they only penetrate the first layer of the dermis, so any changes are short-lived. 

Liquid collagen, on the other hand, is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. It can get right into those cells and start the repairing and renewing process quickly, resulting in fewer wrinkles!

Drink a daily dose of high quality liquid collagen to help defy the signs of aging on your skin!

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