How To Fight Sagging Skin and Cellulite

December 16, 2020

How To Fight Sagging Skin and Cellulite

Pinning your face back in the mirror and spending a fortune on creams that only scratch the surface isn't a permanent solution to the gradual sagging and wrinkling of your skin. But these texture changes can really age you.

Why does skin sag?

Drooping skin has a lot to do with your body’s collagen production slowing down. Collagen molecules form the structures of the skin (and the shape and firmness you've been used to). But your natural collagen product starts to slow as early as your mid twenties. So your skin cells can’t renew and repair themselves like they used to, and the structure is compromised.

Cellulite occurs because fat globules are forming under the skin, where the connective tissue is failing to uphold structure - another job for collagen! This allows build up of fat deposits in an uneven distribution, while the surface skin becoming thinner only highlights this further.

But you don’t have to live with sagging skin and cellulite.

These 3 simple tricks can fight sagging skin and cellulite.



Your bum is a popular place for cellulite fat deposits and loss of form. Try adding regular squats into your routine.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, look ahead at a fixed spot, toes facing forward. Put your spine in neutral/straight position, flex your core and begin pushing hips back. Then allow your knees to bend slightly, still in line behind your toes. Drop your hips lower than your knees and come back up by pressing into your heels and using your bum. Repeat to your threshold.


Elastin loss in the bicep area is very common with aging. To reduce the flab try a few old-fashioned pushups.

On all fours, have hands marked slightly wider than shoulder width apart and lift onto the tips of your toes (or knees for beginners), keeping your body planked, drop your chest almost to the floor and then push yourself back up with your arms. Repeat to your threshold.

Facial Massage

Facial rollers go back centuries as an anti-aging tool. Using a gentle massage technique, the rollers pushes fluid to your lymph nodes, promoting lymphatic drainage. This can reduce skin’s puffiness, relieving pressure on the outer layers of skin that can lead to crinkling and sagging.

Treat the Root Cause

Unless your collagen stores are replenished, the structure of your skin will continue to break down, resulting in more sagging and cellulite. The best way to replenish your collagen stores is to drink hydrolyzed liquid collagen directly. These molecules are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and are small enough to enter directly into your cells where they are needed most.

Drink a daily dose of liquid collagen to reduce skin sagging!

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