How to avoid dry skin this fall

October 15, 2020

How to avoid dry skin this fall

Crisp air, cozy sweaters, and dry skin: the hallmarks of fall!

Every fall, it is the same story. Seemingly overnight, the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and you are trying to decide if you really need to turn the heat on or if you can hold out a little longer. Your glowing, dewy summer complexion starts to get dry and flaky.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to protect your skin all the way to spring’s first blooms (and beyond!).

Turn on your humidifier

As the heat kicks on, the air inside your home gets dryer. Combined with cold temperatures, low humidity, and brisk wind – retaining moisture in your skin can be difficult. Turning on a humidifier in your bedroom, and other rooms where you spend a lot of time (hello – home office!) will help rehydrate your skin.

Exfoliate more often

Dead skin cells start to pile up when skin gets dry. Those dead skin cells prevent any moisturizing creams you apply from penetrating effectively. Gently exfoliating your skin twice a week will help slough off those cells to prep your skin for heavier creams.

Shower in lukewarm water

Although there is nothing more luxurious than stepping into a hot shower after a cold day, turn down the temperature dial! Hot water can strip the important natural oils that form your skin’s moisture barrier, speeding up the drying process. Applying moisturizer while skin is still damp from your lukewarm shower will help lock in moisture.

Take liquid collagen

Of course, the best and most long-lasting approach to keeping skin hydrated all year round is to hydrate from within! Creams, moisturizers, and serums fail to reach the deeper layers of skin, so any changes they effect will be short-lived. Research shows that taking daily liquid collagen improves skin’s hydration long-term, by influencing the deeper layers of the skin.

No longer fear the cooler days ahead and the dry skin they often bring – drink a dose of high quality liquid collagen daily and your skin will thank you.