Collagen Is Here To Stay

April 14, 2021

Collagen Is Here To Stay

If you feel like you’re hearing more and more about collagen use lately, it’s because you are! The use of collagen to help care for your body and improve your skin, joints, and muscle health is becoming more prominent.

But is it just a trend? It seems like every season, there are new health and beauty products that everyone has to try, only to fall out of fashion a few months later for some other new product.

Collagen is here to break that cycle.

What Is Collagen?

You may have heard that collagen is something produced naturally in your body, and that is true! Collagen refers to one of the proteins your body contains. It provides structure to your skin, muscles, bones, and ligaments.

However, as you age, collagen breaks down faster than your body can produce it. This happens to everyone, though certain environmental factors can make it occur faster. Things like getting too much sun, smoking, and your diet can all affect collagen production.

What that means is you, like many others, may need to increase your intake of collagen to get the same healthy glow and strong hair, nails, and bones you’re used to.

How Long Have People Used Collagen?

Beauty trends come and go, but using collagen to promote healthier skin, hair, and nails isn’t a trend. In fact, the first recorded use of collagen can be traced back to 100 BC - over 2100 years ago.

In traditional Chinese medicine, collagen - or Ejiao - was sought after in many forms. There are many stories of famous historical figures using Ejiao as a supplement, but the addition of collagen can also be seen in the diet of many Asian cultures.

In recent years, collagen has seen an increase in popularity. In the 1980s, it was used as an injectable filler for plumping lips and softening lines. This use isn’t very common anymore because collagen doesn’t last as long as other fillers and is more expensive.

How Should You Use Collagen?

There are many ways to use collagen, though some methods are more efficient and effective.

Collagen can be added to topical creams and lotions, but your skin doesn’t absorb as much collagen as you would think. And while using creams and lotions may target wrinkles and dry skin, it can be hard on sensitive skin and doesn’t offer all the lasting benefits of collagen that’s been consumed.

Injecting collagen, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t provide long-term solutions to improving collagen production. And while you can consume collagen in things like bone broth, cooking special dishes to boost collagen production isn’t always realistic for busy schedules and can contain higher amounts of calories.

The easiest and most effective way to boost your collagen production?

Collagen Lift Paris Liquid Collagen.

By using a single ampoule every day and mixing it with water (which is also great for your skin!), you’ll see the benefits of collagen throughout your body. In as little as eight weeks, you can expect a reduction in wrinkles, an improvement in elasticity, and noticeably stronger hair and nails by using the same natural ingredients that have worked for centuries.