Are your anti-aging routines making you look older?

December 10, 2020

Are your anti-aging routines making you look older?

Seeking the “fountain of youth” can be exhausting. Chasing the latest trends in an effort to stay style current. Spending painstaking time in front of the mirror applying various “age reversal” foundations and powders. Trying a new hair colour to hide the growing greys.

But what if there was a simpler way to stay looking youthful? What if you are focusing on the wrong things?

Try these four tips to defy aging more simply.


You don’t need to keep up with all the latest fashion trends in order to look more youthful; in fact, following too many trends will have the opposite effect. However, wearing clothing that is stretched, pilled, or otherwise worn-out will make you look older. No matter what your personal style is, if your clothing is fresh-looking and well maintained, that will go a long way to looking youthful.

The same goes for your hair. Styles change from season to season - one year, buttery blonde tones are the trend, and the next, it’s all about ashy balayages. But the best way to look youthful is with healthy hair. Shiny, strong hair - no matter the colour or style - instantly brightens your face. Regular trims and avoiding too many damaging heat-styling tools will help keep hair bouncy and full of life. Treating hair from the inside out by taking liquid collagen to strengthen hair follicles is another long-lasting way to keep hair healthy.


Piling on too much powder or foundation won’t hide lines and wrinkles the way you want it to. Fine lines are known for collecting foundation and powder, which highlights them rather than reducing their appearance.

Instead, use a makeup primer to fill in fine lines, and use less foundation. Select makeup that adds a dewy glow - the reflective properties will obscure fine lines, and you won’t have to pile it on to get the desired effect. 

Another easy way to appear more youthful is to limit how much makeup you wear. Overlining your eyes can make you look older by drawing attention to crows’ feet and under-eye bags.


Make sure you are regularly brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist. Yellowing teeth make you look older than you are, and staining can become permanent without regular treatments.

However, skip the constant whitening treatments and specialty toothpastes. Simply visiting your dentist for regular checkups and cleaning will help keep your smile looking bright.

And to keep it even more simple - smile more! Studies show that people who smile appear younger than those who don’t. A sense of light-hearted happiness will go a long way in making people believe you are much younger than you are (and making you feel younger!)


Clothes, makeup, and creams all work to reduce the external signs of aging. But what about the root cause? Depleting natural collagen stores are the cause of many of those external signs of aging. Treating this cause at a cellular level has much longer lasting effects than a new hair colour or makeup routine.

Replenishing your collagen stores with a high quality liquid collagen can reverse the signs of aging from the inside out - all by drinking a simple ampoule every day! It doesn’t get more simple than that.

Paired with easy changes to your routine and go-to habits, you can start looking (and feeling!) more youthful in as little as eight weeks.

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