Natural Anti-Aging Solution

September 22, 2019

Natural Anti-Aging Solution

Ever had that moment where you love your summer glow but hate the feeling of dryness and the discolouration that can appear on your face?  How about how harsh the winter can be on your hair and joints? As we age, collagen production decreases and our skin loses elasticity. Our hair can become dryer, our nails more brittle and even our joints can be affected.  Women, of course, want to delay this process as much as possible and; preferably, with non – invasive ways. 

Collagen has become a trending topic in health and beauty – this type of protein is associated with keeping your skin wrinkle free and firm and assists with the condition of hair and nails, joint pain, builds muscle and burns fat. Liquid collagen products, such as Collagen Lift Paris, is a product many swear by.  

South African actress, producer, blogger and podcaster - Sheena D says:

"Johannesburg winters are harsh to your skin, however with the continued use of Collagen Lift Paris I noticed that my skin isn’t as dry as previous winters.
Over time, I noticed that my skin plumped out – especially the volume on my lips and my wrinkles filled out so much so that I could skip the Botox.
Overall, the collagen benefits for skin proved to be numerous – I had a healthier glow than usual, with no more dullness and more of an even skin tone.

There is much debate about collagen dietary supplements not being absorbed by your body however, this formula from Collagen Lift Paris uses ingredients like Vitamin C that are known to help increase the absorption of collagen in your body.

I found that I don’t excrete my vitamins any longer since adding this oral collagen to my daily routine, no doubt my skin is looking better because I’m absorbing nutrients and vitamins better than before.

Collagen will be absorbed where your body needs it most first, which could be any tissue that is lacking in collagen and with collagen decreasing as you age, taking collagen is essential".

Collagen Lift Paris is a collagen drink in ampoule form packed with active ingredients that are beneficial to the anti aging process.  The thick liquid is not unpleasant in any way due to the red berry flavouring.  The most important factor of this powerful supplement is that it contains only the highest quality ingredients:

  • Bioactive collagen 5000mg
  • Mediterranean seaweed extract: A superfood which aids in collagen absorption
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C and collagen go hand in hand for optimum absorption of the collagen protein


How To Use:

Every morning before breakfast, empty out the contents of the ampoule into some water or fruit juice for a collagen drink mix. Ensure you drink this on an empty stomach. Results should be seen after three to six weeks.